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certificate of conformity alternative

Democratizing access to type approval data

Gone are the days when a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer was the only source for type approval data

Technical data requirements
During the registration process of an imported vehicle, several technical data will have to be presented. Its purpose is to confirm that the vehicle meets European safety and environmental requirements.
The trusted solution
In collaboration with technical service providers approved by the European Commission we provide since 2013 an alternative to the Certificate of Conformity. We serve private individuals, car dealerships and inspection facilities.
Save time and money
Going through the old process of ordering a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer can take up to several weeks. Depending on the manufacturer, the price is usually hundreds of euros.


We have got you covered despite the age of your vehicle. Since September 2019 WLTP has become the emissions and fuel consumption standard, changing the data requirements. We have developed proprietary data tooling for extracting these values rapidly and accurately. Depending on the vehicle category and age the following data will be presented.

Type approval extension
Engine type code
CO2 emissions (WLTP/NEDC)
Fuel consumption
Electric power consumption
Engine capacity
Battery capacity
Engine power (kW)
Base weight
Admissible axle load
Trailer weight
Steering system
Braking system
Noise levels
Seat belts
Anti theft devices
Interior fittings
Strength of seats and its anchorages
Electromagnetic compatiblity
Lighting and signaling
Audible warning devices
Supported vehicles
We provide documentation for both passenger cars (M), commercial vehicles (N) and two wheeled vehicles (L) such as motorcycles.
European vehicles
The vehicle must have been made for the European market. Non-EU vehicles such as imports from the US, UAE or Japan do not have a European type approval.
Inspection and tax purposes
The documentation contains all data required by the inspection facility or local authorities. In case specific extra data is needed, we will deliver it.

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Technical data sheet for vehicle registration


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