Frequently asked questions

Please find below commonly asked questions

How will I receive my order?
As soon as your order has been finished, you will receive it as a PDF file by e-mail. According to our experience this copy has been accepted in a large majority of the cases. The original version will be sent to you by post.
What if I place an order and it is not possible to issue the document?
If for any reason we are not able to deliver a technical data sheet, we will notify you about this and your payment will be refunded.
What is the delivery time for the original version to arrive by post?
The original version will arrive in Finland, Sweden and Norway in approximately four business days. For Denmark it is eight business days.
I would like to place an order for a country which is not supported
It is possible to proceed with an order for a country for which we do not guarantee the acceptance of the document. However, we can not offer a refund in such cases. You can complete the order form and select one of the supported countries. Please notify us by contact form in which country you would like to register the vehicle.
How long will it take for my order to finish?
The delivery time for the technical data sheet is three business days.
Can I get a confirmation of the possibility to issue a document before placing an order?
Yes this is possible. Please send a clear copy of the registration document and the manufacturer plate photo.
What is the reason that the document is only suitable for a limited amount of countries?
Under current European regulation, national vehicle authorities have the freedom to decide on the documentation requirements. Just a few of them are offering full flexibility by accepting data from technical service companies in addition to a manufacturer provided COC.
Is it possible to order without VAT?
For companies outside of the Netherlands with a valid VAT number we can apply intra-community supply. If this applies to you, please submit the order and select as a payment option ‘bank transfer’. You will receive a separate VAT 0% invoice from us.
How about Refund policy?
If for whatever reason the document is not accepted for the purpose of import registration, we will initially try to resolve the case with the inspection station or tax authorities. If this does not succeed, we will offer a full refund.
What are the payment options?
We offer the possibility to pay with both credit card and debit card for which the payment processing is done by Stripe. We recommend this method as it is the fastest. We also offer the option to pay by bank transfer.
Is it possible to issue documentation for vehicles from outside Europe?
Unfortunately this is not possible, because vehicles produced for markets outside of Europe have been manufactured in accordance with local requirements and therefore do not contain a European type approval.
Is there a limitation with certain vehicles?
Certain specific models such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito have a large amount of variant/version combinations. We may not be able to find this combination for these models in every case. This depends on the specific model, the amount of available information in the registration document and the presence of data in the databases.
What if the vehicle has not yet been registered at all, such as an off-road vehicle?
If the vehicle has a European type approval it is not necessary for it to have had prior registration for road usage. Please note that in such case a registration document might not be present, which still requires a photo from the manufacturer plate.
Are vehicle modifications being mentioned?
We use manufacturer provided data in order to establish the technical data sheet and therefore modifications will not be reflected in it. The data is only valid if the vehicle is in its original state.
What is the benefit of a manufacturer provided COC?
A Certificate of Conformity which is ordered from the manufacturer might contain additional data. However, these additional data are not necessary for registration or tax purposes. We have tailored our documents to meet the requirements for these purposes. This allows us to offer you a cost-effective technical data sheet which can be established much faster than a manufacturer COC.
Who will establish the document?
Our main technical partner with whom we collaborate is TUV SUD Auto Service GmbH, which is recognized by the European Commission as a designated technical services provider.

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